Tangerine and Aubergine - watercolor, ink and digital by Serena Fenton
Come Down! Mixed media drawing on toned ground by Serena Fenton
Reader - watercolor self-portrait by Serena Fenton
Midsummer Wanderings, Gouache painting by Serena Fenton
Frank, the cat; ink drawing by Serena Fenton

Frank, the Cat

June 18, 2015

Today’s cat is Frank.  Experimenting with dip pens and Parker Mocha writing ink (plus some blue pencil)

Al Catone - watercolor and ink by Serena Fenton
Dancing Fool - ink drawing by Serena Fenton

Self Portrait: Dancing Fool

June 15, 2015

I need to do more – or even just some – self portraits.  In an attempt to get some others joining me in the effort, I have started a weekly challenge on Twitter: #MondaySelfPortrait @MonSelfPortrait  This is my first selfie as a dancing queen:

Cat-mint conversation in ink and digital color by Serena Fenton

Cat-mint Conversations

June 12, 2015

This week’s #Colour_Collective challenge is mint green – a difficult color to blend in water colors.  I did some mixes using cerulean and hooker’s green and came close.  But then I did this quick sketch and decided to dabble in digital colorizing.  Not bad for a baby step.

Cat Drawing - ink sketch by Serena Fenton
Summer Patterns - watercolor and ink by Serena Fenton

Summer Patterns

June 10, 2015

Summer- birds, flowers and just being outdoors. Pulling it all together into one watercolor pattern piece.

nanner-nanner booboo: ink drawing by Serena Fenton
Polar bear goodnight - ink drawing by Serena Fenton

Polar Bear Goodnight

June 7, 2015

Last week, working on the #pinchpunchpost challenge (polar bear), I came up with a couple of sketches, but this one just seemed lacking.  Nothing works like a little pressure.  A day after the deadline for this week’s #colour_collective , I realized that what this sketch needed was a lamp black background.  Gotta work more on those backgrounds.

Conversation - an ink drawing by Serena Fenton
Dog Anatomy, ink drawing by Serena Fenton

Dog Anatomy

June 5, 2015

Immersed in dogs this week,   I am observing certain commonalities leading to a dog anatomy exploration:

Rogues Gallery Landscape - watercolor and ink by Serena Fenton

Rogue’s Gallery Landscape

June 3, 2015

And today we have the bottom third of Rogues Gallery Landscape, Still checking my empty stockings for that wide-format scanner.

Rogues Gallery of Cats - watercolor and ink by Serena Fenton

Rogues Gallery of Cats

June 2, 2015

It’s a Rogues Gallery of Cats.  Who knows what they are really up to!  Even though it is June, not December, I am wishing for santa baby to bring me a wide format scanner, as this image is only about 2/3 of the painting.  There is a landscape on the bottom that had to be […]

Character study in pencil by Serena Fenton

Character Study

June 1, 2015

Consistency is paramount for illustrators, so so I keep reading.  So I am working on an all-round understanding of my characters: front, side and back.  Character 1 (Rowena?)

polar bear challenge - ink drawing by Serena Fenton

Polar Bear

May 31, 2015

There has been a full month to think about the #pinchpunchpost Polar Bear June 1 challenge, but, of course, I waited until down to the wire.  Well, I exaggerate. It’s only 9:30 pm on May 31…

Bug chat in the garden - ink drawing by Serena Fenton

Bug Chat

May 31, 2015

Procrastination: I mean to work on my Polar Bear drawing for #pinchpunchpost – but instead I am drawing bug chats in the garden.It’s too hot to think polar!

Tiger - watercolor by Serena Fenton


May 31, 2015

I am seeing the end of the reconstruction of the past, but not there yet.  A watercolor cat painting,  IT;s that before dinner hopeful, pleading gaze.  Feed me.  Feed me! Feeeed Mmmmeeee…