7" x7" watercolor

Our front walk has huge clumps of hellebores (Lenten Roses) that start blooming in late February and keep up until late April.  When things are still cold and a bit grim, they are among the first flowers.  I did this painting from a photo that I took last winter.  I wanted to experiment with the contrast between the bare paper and the paint.  The white of this flower seemed like a good subject for this study.

Challenge: Painting Light and Shadow with Pastels

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I’m sure most of the pastel artist have already heard about the new book Painting Light and Shadow with Pastels by Maggie Price. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all recipe for painting light, this book shows you how to capture the particular ambient qualities of any scene before you, be it a gloriously clear morning, a rainy afternoon, or the joyful dance of sunlight on water. Master pastelist Maggie Price, together with five contributing artists, explores different styles, approaches and subjects, including landscapes, water scenes and people.

Pink Dahlias

8" x 8" watercolor

I’m been experimenting with different papers.  This is a hot press watercolor paper, which means that the finish is very smooth.  The paint has little place to nest.  It gets muddy and thick quickly.  But it can also be lifted off . leaving a stain-effect behind.  You can see the stain-effects clearly in the background.  The total effect is a softness that looks almost more like a print than a painting.

Still life with marbles

Still life with marbles

4" x 6" watercolor

The marbles are from an antique show that we saw with some dear friends from Baltimore,  Marvin and Leslie.  I have been playing around with them, trying to find the perfect setting.  I love the colors.  Here  the marbles are sitting in an antique ink-well style jar, on a 1930s textile.  The saucer is blue willow ware.  I was working on reflections in the glass, which is the challenge in this week’s Daily Paintworks challenge.

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