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The Wireless Networks Course by Juan T. Mallery

1. Introduction
2. Data transfer over wired networks
3. Wireless networks explained
4. Understanding Wi-Fi Channels - FREE SAMPLE!
5. Wi-Fi hardware and software
6. Managing Wi-Fi connections
7. Setting up Wi-Fi on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
8. A quick guide to Wi-Fi access points
9. Wireless networks security
10. Virtual private networks
11. Wi-Fi tips and tricks

Online Marketing for Busy Business Owners by Richard Spear

1. Getting started with digital marketing
2. Creating awesome landing pages
3. Setting up PPC campaigns
4. Using Google AdWords
5. How to Run a Successful Bing PPC Campaign - FREE SAMPLE!
6. Growing website traffic through social media
7. Advanced lead generation methods
8. Biggest online marketing mistakes
9. Tips and tricks for success
10. Conclusion

C# Programming for Absolute Beginners by Juan T. Mallery

1. Introduction to C#
2. Installing Visual Studio Community Edition
3. Creating Windows Forms applications
4. Using MessageBox elements
5. C# variables explained
6. Working with Arrays - FREE SAMPLE!
7. Using C# lists
8. Introducing loops
9. Try and Catch
10. Methods
11. Namespaces
12. Classes
13. Constructors
14. Overloading
15. Exceptions
16. Inheritance and interfaces
17. Using structs
18. Delegates
19. Working with files
20. Threading
21. Conclusion